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Country Stable

The Stable Set consists of a wooden horse with a moveable head and legs and a foal with a moveable neck. The set also contains a hay-box, water bucket and broom. The stable is arranged by a moveable partition for the horse and foal. Compatible with our 3.10B Country Barn and 3.10F Wooden Farm House.

Ages OLD
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Country Barn

This 2-storey barn from Plan Toys features access through the WOODEN roof and sides for enhanced playability.The hay can be lifted to the top level using the pulley. Includes removable ladder, grain sack, 2 hay bales, 4 adjustable fences and a tool set. Measures 11.6" x 11.4' x 12.6"

3.10 BW
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Wooden Farmhouse

Compatible with our Country Barn, and Stable Set. The farmer and his wife live in this house. This set includes a doll, a dog, a table, and 2 chairs and comes with open foldable wall. 26.5 x 28 x 22cm

3.10 F
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