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Straw Broom

Straw Broom with wooden handle

62 cm

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Blue Apron

Sturdy polyester fabric aprons work well with different Practical Life activities. Velcro-tabbed, front-fastening style. Children can put this apron on and take it off independently. 20" long in front, 10" in back, 12½ - 17" wide. Perfect size for children ages 3-6. Machine wash; hang to dry.

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Traditional Sweeping Set

Traditional Sweeping Set - one metal dustpan, and one natural hair brush with wooden handle.Blue or red color.

The curved dustpan lip fits securely against the floor, so sweepings will go into the pan.


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Red Metal Wheelbarrow

This wonderfully classic red metal wheelbarrow has yellow rubber hand grips for comfort.

A scaled down version to make it the perfect size for a child.

Assembly required.

Size: 74 x 31 x 33cm

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Gardening Tote with Tools and Metal Watering Can

With this complete kit, the perfect gardener, he's having fun, imitate you, or to help you while you take care of the garden !

The Gardening Tote with Tools includes the heavy cotton tote (8" x 6"; 7" high), metal watering can, and three scaled-down tools with metal heads and wooden handles;

includes metal watering can (4" high), spade (8"), rake (6"), and trowel (8½").

Ages 3+.


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