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Africa Puzzle Map

57.2 cm x 44.1 cm

Ages OLD
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Continents - Africa - Hardcover

Our Continents series of 7 books is a great addition to your Casa or Elementary Geography curriculum.

Children (ages 4-9) will find lots of coloured photographs and interesting information about landscapes, animals, people, culture, and more in each book.

Africa is often called the Cradle of Humankind. Millions of years ago, it was home to the very first humans, and today it remains a vibrant land filled with diverse cultures.

Readers will tour Africa’s varied landscape and get a close look at its many iconic plants and animals. They will also learn about the continent’s history and discover how its people live today.

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Pyramid Builder Set

Explore the pyramids of Egypt and search for the gold sarcophagus of an exalted Pharaoh. Build and wander through numerous chambers and passageways you create. The construction techniques that the Egyptians used on the pyramids are truly a mystery. Assemble block formations and solve the mystery. The blocks are made in Germany from the highest quality maple hardwood and will stand up to the test of time, as well as the test of a three year old. The building process will give 3-6 year olds their first sensorial impression of the Egyptian Pyramid and lots of questions will follow... To answer these questions we have found a special book. Look in our Children's books section for 11.03.2 to answer their questions. 67 pieces in 18 shapes.

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Animals of Africa

The whole set includes:

  • 9” x 11.5” laminated card with pictures of animals, spaces to put an animal object, and a space for a label.
  • 9” x 11.5” laminated control card with pictures of animals, names of animals, and a space to put an animal object.
  • 4 ¾” x 3 ½” x 1 ¼ clear plastic box with six animal objects inside.
  • 3 ½” x 2 ½” x 1 ½” clear plastic box with six laminated cards with names of animals.


Each object is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted. Replica size is between 1.5” and 3” in height. Animals on photographs are shown in their natural environment.

Animals in this set: zebra, giraffe, elephant, rhino, lion, gorilla.

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In Africa, Wooden Puzzle

This is a horizontally cut puzzle. Horizontally cut puzzles are rare, and difficult to manufacture.

The tone-on-tone colour gradations convey a harmonious atmosphere.

21 x 21 cm


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