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We, at E&O Montessori, are working hard to help you keep your children busy and educated through this difficult time.
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Montessori Materials and Toys

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New Collection

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Volcano Puzzle

This beautiful 7 piece wooden Volcano puzzle is very attractive to the child.

The knobs are designed to allow the child to easily access each piece while developing their fine motor skills.

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Cutting Activity with Paper

Cutting is an important, yet difficult, skill for preschoolers.

It’s helpful to have a Montessori-inspired paper cutting activity available to encourage your preschooler’s mastery of cutting.

Cutting paper and scissors are included.

Wooden box with 12 compartments measures: 10 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches.


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Toddler Box with Returning Ball

A simple activity where the child slots a ball through a hole and sees it come out of the slot below.

Concepts of object permanence and cause and effect can be demonstrated to the child

Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 6 inches,


Classroom Packages

Montessori Materials

E&O Montessori offers the largest selection of Montessori Materials for Casa, Toddler, and Elementary Montessori environments.

We have been providing the educational community with quality Materials and customer service since 1993. Over the years, we have grown substantially into a trusted Montessori Material supplier in the United States.

Whether you’re looking for Montessori Learning Materials for your Montessori school or home, there is a huge selection of Materials to choose from at reasonable prices. We house Montessori Learning Materials that cover various areas of learning that go in a Montessori classroom including: Language, Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Biology, Life Cycles, Geography, History, Science, and Furniture. Some of our learning materials are unique to E&O Montessori, like our Giant Toddler Wooden Gear, Blue and Pink Wooden Boxes for objects, and our Toddler Wooden Panels

Our vision is consistent with the deep respect to, and appreciation of the Montessori Philosophy and way of Education. Our goal is to continue to provide quality Montessori Materials for parents and teachers around the globe.

Montessori Materials means Fun and Play

Children are continuously learning new things from their surroundings. This process is fundamental to everything a child will do in his future. Montessori philosophy describes these activities as work and the objects that a child uses to learn the important skills as materials. This is the reason why these objects are referred to as Montessori Materials rather than Montessori Toys.

Each Montessori Material serves a different purpose, but it’s quite easy to miss the utter brilliance of these learning materials if you see them as fun diversions.

Montessori Materials are actively used in a Montessori classroom to help a child develop his senses and motor skills. Montessori teaching materials are arranged on low and open shelves. Children are encouraged to choose any Montessori Material they wish to use and work. These materials develop an interest and invite an activity. A simple set of ramps with balls teaches the child about physics and at the same time is entertaining. An important learning is happening at each stage of their work. The bright colored alphabets enable a child to distinguish between different shapes and sizes helping them tune their motor skills.

The most fascinating and amazing part about Montessori Learning Materials is the fact that they are self-correcting in nature. This eliminates the need for a Montessori teacher to correct the child. As a child is able to solve problems independently, this boosts self-confidence and analytical thinking.