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Earth Science - Mineral Collection

Each collection features 12 handpicked rock specimens, chosen for their color, texture and beauty. Each kit also includes an educational rock identification chart and activity guide.

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Earth Science Book - Minerals

From rocks and gems to salts and other substances found in water and soil, minerals make up a large part of our world. Readers will learn what sets different kinds of minerals apart from one another, how minerals are formed, and what techniques scientists use to study them.

Inside,  you will find:

- A timeline, photos - and which minerals are found in the objects we use every day.

- Surprising true facts that will shock and amaze you!

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Cards - 100 Rocks & Minerals to Spot

A pack of pocket-sized cards to help identify 100 rocks and minerals that can be found beneath every young geologist’s feet. On each side of each card, there is a photograph of a rock or mineral, with facts and information on how they formed. With internet links to fun websites with photo galleries, games and more information.

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