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Ladybug Puzzle

Wooden puzzle measuring 24 x 24 x 0.5 inches.

Ages OLD
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Count-a-Ladybug Set

Our classic counting kits invite children to count these charming objects, learn one-to-one correspondence, and a whole lot more.

Students record their work with See-Thru™ Object Stamps in their own I Can Read Numbers minibooks.

Set includes 75 Ladybug counters, matching See-Thru™ Stamp, counting tubs with labels, laminated counting cards, and I Can Read Numbers Minibook Masters, plus Teaching Notes.



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Life Cycle of a Ladybug - 4 Realistic Models

Our Life Cycle of a Ladybug will show you step by step how this adorable, lucky creature transforms from a tiny egg into a beautiful red and black spotted ladybug!

Miraculous transformations can be observed and explored in close detail with our Life Cycles.

Each item is professionally sculpted and individually hand-painted in true-to-life colours, making them favourites of children.

Complete with educational information in English, Spanish, German, and French included on the blister cards.

Blister Card Measures: 7″ W x 9″ H (18 x 23 cm)

Grown Ladybug Measures: 3.5″ W (9cm)

Recommended Ages: 4+

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Ladybug Life Cycle Activity Set

Contains 4 detailed models, clear plastic box to hold the objects, and 20 photo cards to show the stages of development.

The material includes 5 mil laminated 5-Part cards: photo card (3½" x 3½"), label card, control card (4½" x 3½"), puzzle text card, and full text card for each concept. Each object is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted. Ladybug measures 2½" in height.


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