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Pouring Water Activities with Two Small Clear Pitchers

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This exercise presents pouring water or grain from one small pitcher to another pitcher of the same size.

Rice or water can be colored.

Grasping a handle and pouring water or grains helps children develop fine motor control.

This set includes:

- Small size tray (10”x 7.5”).

- Two small-size clear glass pitchers with handles; 2.25" base x 2.75" deep.

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Reviews for Pouring Water Activities with Two Small Clear Pitchers

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2 months
Pascale Quirion

Feedback about the order #3654

All the material I ordered for a school abroad is being used actively and daily. The teachers and children were very happy to receive all this new material. Thank you for your good services and quick shipping


Dear Pascale, 
Thanks for letting us know! We're happy to hear that the materials are being put to good use. If you need anything else, just give us a shout.