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Primary Lacing Beads

30 wooden beads in six vibrant colors and five distinct shapes combine with two extra-long laces for many activities.

Stringing the easily grasped beads promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor, cognitive and visual perception skills.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 7.75" x 9.25"

Ages: 3+

Ages OLD
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Bead Sequencing Set with Pattern Cards

Provide children with a series of engaging manipulative and sensorial challenges with this wooden bead set.

Children can thread jumbo brightly colored beads on five hardwood dowels, sorting beads by color or shape.

Unique pattern tiles help older children refine their shape, color, and pattern recognition skills.

Includes more than 46 brightly colored wooden beads and 5 double-sided wooden pattern cards.

The patterns increase in difficulty to build matching, sequencing, and fine motor skills.

The whole set Includes:

46 jumbo beads (cube size is 1.37" x 1.37"x 1.37"), 5 two-sided pattern tiles,

5 dowels for threading, and a sturdy wooden storage box (12½" x 13"; 2" deep) with sliding lid.

Ages: 4+

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Farm Lacing Beads

Have fun on the farm with these beautiful lacing beads.

Set includes 13 wooden beads and one extra-long lace.

Kids will love stringing the farm-themed beads together in any number of ways.

Dimensions: 8.75" x 11.5" x 1"

Ages: 3+

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Alphabet Train Lacing Beads

Kids will love learning their letters with these cheerful Alphabet Train Lacing Beads. They can explore the alphabet in any number of ways that encourage a love of language-from matching a letter to an animal (A is for Alligator; Z is for Zebra) to spelling simple words and their own name.

 The sturdy lace makes stringing together letters easy.

Kids will feel a real sense of accomplishment when they choose a word on one of the double-sided spelling cards and string together the matching beads.

The whole set includes: 27 wooden beads ( 26 letters amd 1 train), 6 pattern cards, one lace, and a wooden box

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Happy Birds

Happy Birds Magnetic Matching Game is a wooden set that is complete with cards that illustrate different colour combinations which little ones follow to build different happy birds.

The little trees are on either end of a branch where 4 birds sit waiting to be assembled using the magnetic wooden shapes! When play time is over, the wooden pieces and the cards can be neatly stored in the wooden box.

A unique matching game that reinforces colour recognition and also good practice with following instructions while developing fine motor skills!

Children can either build the little magnetic birds by following the colour cards that are supplied with the game or they can let their imaginations run free and build any design of their own creation.

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