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Set of Knobless Cylinders

4 sets of 10 cylinders varying in height and/or diameter in each set.

Each set is in a separate wooden box with the lid painted the same color as the cylinders: red, green, yellow and blue.

Develop child's visual perception of dimension. It also provide experiences in comparison, and grading - indirect preparation for mathematics.

Dimensions of each wooden box: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 Inches

Also called the knobless cylinders, the colored cylinders are exactly the same dimensions as the cylinder blocks mentioned above.  
There are 4 boxes of cylinders: 

  • Yellow cylinders that vary in height and width. The shortest cylinder is the thinnest and the tallest cylinder is the thickest. 
  • Red cylinders that are the same height, but vary in width. 
  • Blue cylinders that have the same width, but vary in height. 
  • Green cylinders that vary in height and width. The shortest cylinder is the thickest and the tallest cylinder is the thinnest. 

The child can do a variety of exercises with these materials, including matching them with the cylinder blocks, stacking them on top of each other to form a tower, and arranging them in size or different patterns. When the yellow, red, and green cylinders are placed on top of each other, they all are the same height.

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