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Toddler Wooden Climbing Set

The Toddler Wooden Climbing Set is designed to support the development of coordination and movement skills in young children.

The set includes a Pikler Triangle and a Wooden Board, both crafted from high-quality wood.

The Pikler Triangle measures 35.4 x 27 x 25.5 inches, providing a sturdy and stable structure for toddlers to climb on. Its triangular shape encourages exploration and physical activity, promoting the development of motor skills and coordination. Helps build strength, balance, and spatial awareness in a safe and controlled environment.

Complementing the Pikler Triangle is the Wooden Board, which measures 47 x 16 x 7 inches. This board serves as an additional element for play and exploration, offering a flat surface for various activities. It can be used as a platform for imaginative play, a step to climb onto the Pikler Triangle, or as a surface for other activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills.

This versatile and engaging climbing set contributes to the physical and cognitive development of toddlers. The use of natural wood materials not only ensures durability but also provides a visually appealing and tactile experience for young children.

The Toddler Wooden Climbing Set is a valuable addition to play areas, fostering a supportive environment for active play and developmental milestones.

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