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The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle

Did you know that dinosaurs could have been splashing around in the water you drank today? That’s because all the water on Earth has been here forever. And it is always on the move! Water can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. Besides forming oceans and rivers, water can be found in the air, in the clouds, in rain and in snow. These changes are all part of the water cycle. Discover all this and more in this beautiful book!

• Cross curriculum topic encourages respect for nature, animals, and the environment
• Leveled text with bite-size information makes books accessible to young readers
• Fast facts keep readers engaged
• Beautiful and engaging photos, combined with colorful illustrations, enhance the text
• Provides actionable information encouraging readers to do their part for water protection and conservation
• Includes a hands-on activity and a minibiography of a “Water Warrior” at the end of the book.
• Table of contents, captions, photo glossary and an index help readers build nonfiction learning skill
Ages:  5-7
Pages: 32

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