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Volcano Model/Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor

Look out - it's a bubbling Reactor Pod eruption!

Start your seismic science adventures off right with the Volcano Model/Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor.

Drop the included Reactor Pod into the volcano, add water, and trigger the bubbling reaction!

The Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor/Volcano Model doubles as a working volcano science kit, and includes a guide with five fizzing, foaming experiments you can perform over and over again.

Each set also includes a classification card to help identify your creature, and a mini-poster filled with cool quiz questions inspired by real-world science facts!

  • TRIGGER bubbling volcanic eruptions in this working science kit
  • EXPERIMENT with 5 fizzing, foaming science experiments you can perform again and again.
  • DISCOVER one mysterious creature inside a Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod.
  • EXPLORE the set's classification card and mini poster filled with fun science facts.
  • Homeschooling supplies for ages 5+

Volcano Model,Homeschooling, school, STEM.

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