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Rookie Read-About Geography-Continents-Set of 7 Books

Young readers can travel the seven continents with the simple, engaging text and colorful, mesmerizing pictures in the Rookie Read-About Geography series. Land features, populations, native animals, and technological advances are described.

The set includes 7 books: Australia, North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, and Africa. 

Simple text and layouts support early readers in developing Reading Standards: Foundational Skills, such as decoding, accuracy, and fluency

Key Features:

  • “Modern Marvels” feature at the end of each book, describing a new technological accomplishment located on each continent and offering reflective STEM-based questions to engage the reader in additional critical thinking
  • Fun geographical facts throughout each book
  • Native animals and biomes featured in each book
  • Low, accessible reading level for emergent and struggling readers
  • Table of contents and chapters
  • “Words You Know” section provides a visual review of important vocabulary terms

Book size: 15 x 18 cm, 32 pages

Ages: 3-6

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